On 10 April 2018, UPM’s flagship project, the Sichuan Rural Poor-Household Biogas Development Programme of Activities (PoA), had its fourth issuance with nearly 750,000 Gold Standard CERs (GS CERs), all of them from vintage year 2015.

750.000 Gold Standard CERs

total amount of Gold Standard CERs
issued from vintage year 2015

This means that after deduction of all required CDM and Gold Standard shares of proceeds, a total of slightly more than 722,000 units of high-end GS CERs are now available for voluntary carbon offsetters all around the globe.

More details about UPM’s PoA issuance can be found on its official UNFCCC CDM web pages.

With respect to prospective future carbon offset demand, UPM recently has already initiated the combined verification of the PoA’s 2016 and 2017 vintages and expects around 1.5 million additional GS CERs to be available in Q1/2019.

Furthermore, we are pleased to inform you that our Sichuan Household Biogas PoA has been chosen as one of the top three projects in the “Pitch your Project” contest organised by the Gold Standard Foundation ahead of the upcoming Gold Standard Grow to Zero 2018 Conference, taking place from 18 to 19 April in Berlin, Germany.

UPM’s managing director Martin Dilger will present the PoA and its unrivalled UN SDG impact at this conference on 19 April 2018 between 11:30 h and 13:00 h German time as part of the corporate track in the following workshop:

“Finance Beyond” – How companies can use markets to reduce emissions + contribute to sustainable development

We gladly invite any interested parties to join this workshop. Grow to Zero tickets can still be purchased here.

For further information about UPM and its diversified offering of products and services for climate action and sustainable development please contact:

Martin Dilger, Managing Director, UPM Germany
mdilger(at)upm-cdm.eu, T: +49 89 1222197-50


Guo Gaiai, Vice General Manager, UPM China
guog(at)upm-cdm.eu, T: +86 10 6468 0500

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