UPM Umwelt-Projekt-Management GmbH (UPM) has been appointed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (the Foundation) to offer technical assistance for one year to the Foundation and its humanitarian and Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WSH) grantees in Middle East and Africa. The service scope includes in particular the provision advisory services on sustainable sanitation solutions to refugee communities and local hosting communities.

This appointment is following a successful initial cooperation on feasibility assessment of Fecal Sludge Treatment and Waste to Value in refugee Setting in Jordan and Lebanon. This new appointment will be implemented together with experts from the Center of Sustainable Ecological Sanitation of the University of Science & Technology Beijing and other international renown experts in the field.

The Foundation is working with a variety of partners (Government, Donors, NGOs and Industries) in the Middle East and Africa to improve the living conditions of displaced populations, refugees and their hosting communities. The first objective of the assignment is to provide direct support to the Foundation in visiting Foundation’s grantees and partners on behalf of the Foundation for technical reviews and progress visits and to provide support on developing term of reference for Foundation’s grants. The second objective is to provide Technical assistance to the Foundation and its partners in the region to identify, evaluate and demonstrate innovative toilets and sanitation technologies for refugee settings as well as capacity building for procurement of “waste-to-value” technologies and project management.

Waste-to-Value projects in refugee setting are not only helping to improve local environmental and social settings, but are also supporting the mitigation of adverse impacts created by and to the climate. We are very honored that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is trusting again UPM and its collaborators to support the Foundation creating a more sustainable life and environment for the most vulnerable people and our planet. - Martin Dilger, Managing Director of UPM

For more information about the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and its Emergency Response/WSH projects, please check: https://www.gatesfoundation.org.

For further information on UPM Consulting Services and its expertise in Waste to Value/Sanitation and Climate/Green financing, please visit our website at http://www.upm-cdm.eu/or contact:

Martin Dilger, Managing Director, UPM Germany
mdilger(at)upm-cdm.eu, T: +49 89 1222197-50


Marie Reysset, General Manager, UPM China
mreysset(at)upm-cdm.eu, T: +86 10 6468 0500

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