Today, UPM has launched a new PoA website at exclusively dedicated to its most innovative and sustainable Sichuan Poor Rural-Household Biogas Development Programme (CDM Ref. 2898, GS ID 1239) in China.

The PoA website is supposed to provide PoA stakeholders and interested users with a lot of exciting, useful and reliable insight information on this outstanding climate protection programme. This refers to its enormous expected GHG emissions reduction of approx. 20 million tons of CO2e, its multiple benefits to participating Sichuan low-income rural households, its substantial contribution to sustainable regional development in the PoA target areas and the ongoing implementation progress in terms of household inclusion and biogas technology installation.

The PoA internet platform also features a comprehensive FAQ section aiming at establishing full transparency on all PoA related technical and methodological aspects and a regularly updated blog with the most recent PoA news. Dynamic counters display the reductions of GHG emissions and coal having been achieved so far by those biogas digesters and cookstoves already operating successfully.

A high definition PoA video which has been produced at the farm sites in Sichuan and will also be uploaded soon, as well as several original statements by satisfied household users of the PoA’s advanced biogas technology shall give a clear and illustrative impression on how this PoA improves the quality of life for many poor farmer families in remote Sichuan.

UPM’s Sichuan Biogas Household PoA will reduce the equivalent of half of Switzerland’s annual GHG emissions throughout its lifetime but it’s the large amount of measurable socioeconomic and environmental benefits for the underprivileged Sichuan farmers that make this PoA so attractive and unique. - Martin Dilger, Managing Director of UPM

For further information on this PoA, its website and the availability of its high quality Gold Standard CERs, please contact:

Henning Huenteler, General Manager, UPM China
hhuenteler(at), T: +86 10 6468 0500-16


Martin Dilger, Managing Director, UPM GmbH Germany
mdilger(at), T: +49 89 414196-91

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