Today, UPM’s Xuyong Household Biogas Project (GS 1033) has had its third issuance with 4,592 premium quality Gold Standard VERs, thereof, 3,850 GS VERs are from vintage 2014 and 742 GS VERs from vintage 2015.

The project is supporting approximatively 2,000 low-income farmer households in Xuyong County (Sichuan Province, China) by installing efficient biogas digesters on their premises. These proven and reliable systems reduce methane emissions originating from the widely used open animal manure pits and provide the participating households with clean biogas for cooking, heating and lighting.

Farmer Zhang Hui and his family take part in the Xuyong project. They live in the first community of Zhaihe Village, Macheng Town, in Xuyong County. There are four people in the family. They have 2.5 Mus of paddy field, and 5 Mus of dry farmland (note: 1 Mu=0.0667 hectares). They grow rice in the paddy fields and mainly corn in the dry farmland. Their animal livestock consists of one cow and some pigs. The rice they cultivate is enough to feed them. The corn is mainly used to feed the pigs. Except for the pig that they use to eat themselves during the Spring Festival, the rest of the pigs will all be sold.

I use the biogas to fry dishes, cook rice, and boil water. It is saving me a lot of time that I would have used before for cutting firewood. And I can also save about more than two tons of coal every year which means that two to three thousand RMB do not have to be spent on fuel. Burning less solid fuels is reducing indoor air pollution as well. The biogas slurry is an efficient fertilizer, therefore I need less money for buying chemical fertilizer. As the pig and cow manure is used as raw material for generating the biogas, it makes animal husbandry much more hygienic than before. I am very happy to use the biogas. - Farmer Mr. Zhang Hui, about the availability of convenient and clean biogas energy for cooking and the subsequent savings they have made on fuel supply

For further information about the Xuyong Household Biogas Project, its many co-benefits and the availability of its Gold Standard VERs, please contact:

Martin Dilger, Managing Director, UPM Germany
mdilger(at), T: +49 89 1222197-50

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