Today, UPM’s Xuyong Household Biogas Project (GS 1033) has obtained its fourth issuance with 4,595 premium quality Gold Standard VERs, thereof 3,841GS VERs are from vintage 2015 and 754 GS VERs from vintage 2016.

The project includes approximately 2,000 low-income farmer households from 11 towns of the Xuyong County (Sichuan Province, China) having been equipped with efficient biogas digesters on their premises. These proven and reliable energy systems reduce methane emissions originating from the widely used open animal manure pits and provide the participating households with clean biogas for cooking, heating and lighting.

The project activity on one hand reduces CO2emissions by replacing traditional fossil fuel consumption for cooking and heating with renewable biogas. On the other hand, it avoids methane emissions through the substitution of traditional animal manure disposal in deep pits by closed biogas digester tanks. In addition to the reduction of GHG emissions and its contribution to climate change mitigation, the project is bringing many sustainability benefits and is considerably improving the quality of life for both, participants and local communities.

In the last three years, since its initial issuance of carbon credits, the Xuyong Household Biogas Gold Standard project has been very successful in answering the needs of voluntary market players. This new issuance is an additional endorsement of the project’s contribution to lower global emissions and to support the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. - Martin Dilger, Managing Director of UPM

For further information about the Xuyong Household Biogas Project, its many co-benefits and the availability of its Gold Standard VERs, please contact:

Martin Dilger, Managing Director, UPM Germany
mdilger(at), T: +49 89 1222197 – 50


Gaiai Guo, Vice General Manager, UPM China
guog(at), T: +86 10 6468 0500 – 13

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