On the 13th and 16th of August 2013, UPM successfully registered another two large Pakistani wind power projects, “Metro Power Wind Energy” (CDM Ref. 9370) and “Gul Ahmed Wind Energy” (CDM Ref. 9372), with the CDM, both with effective date as per 31st of December 2012. The two projects are located roundabout 90 km east-northeast of the city of Karachi, Pakistan. The project owners are Metro Power Company Limited and Gul Ahmed Wind Power Limited. Both entities are part of the Gul Ahmed Group which has been built up by the respected Teli family of entrepreneurs and is one of Pakistan’s leading business conglomerates.

The intention of both wind farm projects with a total combined capacity of 100 MW and an estimated combined electricity production of 307,400 MWh per year is to utilize climate friendly wind resources for electricity generation and to deliver the generated electricity to the National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC), the operator of the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) grid.

By replacing the electricity of the WAPDA grid, which is heavily dominated by fossil fuel fired power plants, with electricity generated from clean wind power, the project activities will not only contribute significantly to closing Pakistan’s severe energy supply gap but will also achieve total combined greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions of approximately 1.898 million tCO2e throughout their entire crediting period of 10 years. In addition, the two wind farm projects will create many employment opportunities for local people during the construction phase and the operational period, and will thus support economic growth in the target region.

With the CDM registration of the Metro Power and Gul Ahmed wind energy projects, UPM expands its leading market position for CDM emission reduction projects in Pakistan’s renewable energy sector and continues to promote the transfer of state-of-the-art wind power technology to Pakistan. - Henning Huenteler, General Manager of UPM China and Head of Project Development

For further information on these wind farm projects and the availability of their Green CERs with full EU ETS eligibility, please contact:

Henning Huenteler, General Manager, UPM China
hhuenteler(at)upm-cdm.eu, T: +86 10 6468 0500-16


Martin Dilger, Managing Director, UPM GmbH Germany
mdilger(at)upm-cdm.eu, T: +49 89 414196-91

For CDM information and related documentation about the projects, please visit the UNFCCC CDM project database entries for the Metro Power wind energy project and the Gul Ahmed wind energy project.

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