UPM is pleased to announce its cooperation with Eneco, a leading Dutch energy company and fresh member of the International Carbon Offset and Reduction Alliance (ICROA), by joining Eneco’s recently launched carbon management portal. UPM’s Sichuan Rural Poor-Household Biogas Development PoA (CDM 2898, GS 1239) and its premium quality Gold Standard CERs have been selected by Eneco’s carbon desk together with only a handful of other top-tier climate protection projects for the new platform’s integrated carbon offset webshop.

Eneco’s innovative carbon management portal enables businesses, industrials, institutions and other customers to calculate, manage and compensate for unavoidable emissions, whilst also achieving carbon neutrality as part of a wider set of environmental actions. The programme has been developed according to world leading standards and carbon neutral roadmaps, such as the Green House Gas (GHG) Protocol, Kyoto Protocol and the ISO14064.

The cloud-based CEMAsys (Carbon & Energy Management system) online solution allows Eneco customers to securely input their emissions data. The portal will then provide a downloadable report showing all annual emissions produced. To ensure data have been put in and analyzed correctly, the report can be audited by independent experts and used for CDP reporting. A carbon management plan for future improvement will be generated along with the report, detailing the most efficient way to cut avoidable emissions.

However, even with a high level of environmental and carbon management there are always GHG emissions that cannot be avoided. To compensate for these unavoidable emissions, customers can choose to offset them by purchasing and cancelling carbon credits from those climate protection projects that have been selected by Eneco’s carbon desk experts after a thorough review and due diligence exercise. This rigorous process ensures that only projects that make a genuine contribution to GHG abatement and visibly improve the livelihoods of surrounding communities, are accepted into Eneco’s portfolio, so buyers can be assured their offsets are of the best quality available in the market.

UPM’s Sichuan Rural Poor-Household Biogas PoA is a perfect fit for Eneco’s carbon offset portfolio because it is unrivalled in terms of the scale of its carbon emissions reductions, its verifiable co-benefits for hundreds of thousands of low-income farmer families in Sichuan and its highly professional PoA management and implementation systems. - Jan-Willem Beukers, Power & Carbon Senior Structurer at Eneco Energy Trade B.V.

For further information on Eneco and its new CEMAsys carbon management platform please visit its dedicated website or contact:

Jan-Willem Beukers, Power & Carbon Senior Structurer, Eneco
jan-willem.beukers(at)eneco.com, T: +31 (0)651 705 738

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