UPM and sustainable renew their commitment as Carbon Offset Partners of the CARBON EXPO 2016 and balance the emissions of the global fair and conference event.

Again World Bank, IETA and Koelnmesse host the CARBON EXPO, which will take place from 25th to 27th of May in Cologne, Germany. In a proven division of labour, sustainable will calculate the carbon footprint of this event, whereas UPM will provide and retire the necessary amount of high-end Gold Standard CERs from its awarded Sichuan Household Biogas PoAfor compensation.

The CARBON EXPO is one of the leading conference events for government and authority representatives, politicians, finance experts, consultants and scientists to exchange information about the emerging international carbon markets. In this context, an authentic offset of the event’s direct CO2 emissions by premium quality Gold Standard CERs on basis of conservative climate footprint calculations is essential.

Additionally, attending individuals of the CARBON EXPO can book our service to assess the emissions produced by their travel to and from the site and to offset them with Gold Standard CERs from the Household Biogas Program in Sichuan. In this way it is possible to reduce the carbon footprint of this year’s CARBON EXPO even further. Persons interested in making this voluntary contribution to climate protection can either before or after the CARBON EXPO write an email to info(at)upm-cdm.eu to contact our carbon offsetting team.

The CARBON EXPO is the perfect opportunity to stay up to date with the current developments of climate policy after the outstanding success of the 21st UN climate summit in Paris is turning into action. Against this background, innovative market-based solutions to climate change can be discussed to limit global warming to much less than two degrees Celcius. - Martin Dilger, managing director of project developer UPM GmbH and Jan-Marten Krebs, board member of sustainable AG

For further information on this Carbon Offset Sponsorship, please visit the CARBON EXPO website or contact:

Martin Dilger, Managing Director, UPM GmbH
mdilger(at)upm-cdm.eu, T: +49 89 1222197 – 50


Jan-Marten Krebs, Board Member, sustainable AG
Jan.Krebs(at)sustainable.de, T: +49 89 2020 56 45


Lisa Spafford, Director Conferences & Strategic Partnerships, International Emissions Trading Association (IETA)
spafford(at)ieta.org, T: +41 22 737 05 02

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