Today, UPM obtained CDM registration approval for its “Sapphire 49.5 MW Wind Farm Project” near Jhimpir City in the province of Sindh, Pakistan (UNFCCC Ref. 8163).

The project, which is the “first of its kind” CDM project type in Pakistan, foresees the installation and operation of newest foreign manufactured wind turbines, which will supply an average annual generation of 133,000 MWh to the WAPDA grid, thereby reducing the baseline grid emissions by an annual 75,000 tCO2e. Furthermore will the project help to reduce the energy crisis in Pakistan, which led to a large number of black-outs and brown-outs frequently experienced by the Pakistani people.

The Project has been validated by Buerau Veritas Certification Holding SAS.

For more information on this project, please visit its project introduction page or its UNFCCC project overview.

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