Technical Assistance to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and its Grantees in Emergency Response/ WSH Projects

Client: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Sustainable sanitation

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Provide sustainable sanitation services to refugee communities by offering technical assistance to the Foundation partners in the Middle East, Africa and Asia

Improving the Living Conditions of Displaced Populations, Refugees and Their Hosting Communities

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is working with variety of partners (Government, Donors, NGOS and Industries) in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, to improve the living conditions of displaced populations, refugees and their hosting communities.

The objective of this project is to to provide Technical Assistance to the Foundation partners for the following:

  • Identification, evaluation and demonstration of innovative toilets and sanitation innovation for refugee settings;
  • Capacity building of partners for procuring “waste-to-value” technologies, and project management.

Services provided

  • Technical support for procuring and operating of toilet and sanitation innovative technologies, including faecal sludge treatment systems, in refugee settings, primarily located in Pakistan, Lebanon and Jordan or any country in the Middle East, Africa or Asia as directed by the Foundation.
  • Oversee or lead the feasibility studies for the projects, assist with project design and monitoring as well as act as a technical advisor on sanitation solutions to implementing partner and grantees.

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