Study Tour on Ecological Sanitation and Re-use Approaches in China

Client: GIZ Morocco

Sustainable sanitation

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Training and Capacity Building intervention for the Integrated Management of Water Resources in Morocco

Integrated Management of Water Resources in Morocco

The Morocco-German program “Support for the Integrated Management of Water Resources – AGIRE” aims to improve the organizational and institutional framework of the water sector in Morocco in order to ensure better protection of water resources and their rational use, economic and sustainable, according to the principles of social equity. The main objective of AGIRE Programme is to strengthen the capacity of Moroccan institutions for integrated water resources management.

Under AGIRE, a National Sanitation and Reuse Plan for Rural Areas was further supported by German governmental research funding. It was decided a study tour to China relating to ecological sanitation would be conducted for the stakeholders and partners of the program. 

The sites visited were selected to present representative examples of different approaches, technologies and good practices of rural sanitation integrating the collection, treatment, reuse and recovery of wastewater and fecal sludge, with the creation of value chains and employment opportunities in the sector.

Services provided

  • Conduct initial site visits to analyze the situation of projects, programs and initiatives related to ecological sanitation to select the sites for the study tour
  • Logistic and technical content of a 10 days study tour in China from 14-24 May 2015, including ten different technology/project briefings
  • Preparation a final report to summarize the study tour and findings

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