Meihekou Methane Recovery Project gets CDM registration

Beijing, Munich | News Release

Today, UPM’s cooperation partner Uniufa obtained CDM registration approval for their Methane Recovery and Utilization Project of Meihekou City Haishan Paper Industry Co., Ltd. in China (UNFCCC Ref. 5941).

The project will contribute to a sustainable development in China by recovering and utilizing methane generated from wastewater treatment for electricity generation. The electricity generated will be for captive-use in the straw board paper factory and will displace part of the electricity purchased from the Northeast China Power Grid. Thus the proposed project activity would reduce CH4 emissions from the wastewater treatment process and simultaneously avoid CO2 emissions from electricity generation that would otherwise be generated by fossil-fueled power plants connected to the grid.

The project will introduce methane recovery facilities to the existing reactors and wastewater treatment system. The recovered methane is used to generate electricity by two sets of newly installed gas-fired generators with the total capacity of 1 MW.

The project has been validated by RINA Services S.p.A.

For more information on this project, please visit its UNFCCC project overview.