Sustainable sanitation

Based on its long experience on biogas and landfill gas, UPM is offering since 2015 professional technical assistance services related to sustainable and ecological sanitation and bio-waste management services and solutions in emergency context.

The offering is tailored to support Water Sanitation Hygiene (WSH) sector partners and governmental agencies involved in humanitarian crises or development planning, and the beneficiaries of the actions are local host communities and the refugee communities. Current projects are located in Middle East, Asia and Africa, including Bangladesh, Jordan, Lebanon and Senegal, as well as other countries.

Our global network of experts on renewable energy, sanitation, waste treatment, especial in the area of innovative “waste-to-value”technologies, as well as our multinational project management team, makes UPM success in delivering satisfactory services to our clients.

UPM is also providing carbon services for sustainable development projects. For details, please check the link below and contact us to get a FREE Rapid Eligibility Assessment for your project.

Carbon Service for Sustainable Development Projects


Assessment of sanitation and FSM settings
Identification, evaluation and demonstration of innovative toilets and sanitation innovation for refugee settings
Identification, evaluation and demonstration of innovation and sustainable FSM/WWT installations with waste-to-value component
Capacity building for procuring “waste-to-value” technologies, and project management

In November 2013, our Gold Standard Majority Portfolio Pledge was officially recognised by the Gold Standard Foundation, our promise to stock more than 50% of our carbon credit portfolio with Gold Standard certified carbon credits. The Pledge illustrates our commitment to develop the highest quality offset projects, and to provide our clients with rigorous carbon calculations, industry-leading transparency and the highest-quality clean energy and carbon credits.