Carbon Offset Solutions

UPM’s service package covers the entire carbon offset value chain and puts special emphasis on sustainability contribution and verifiable co-benefits of projects. Our services include project development, identification and highlighting UN-SDG contributions, carbon asset management and emission trading.

With a diversified portfolio of more than 20 registered CDM and Gold Standard projects, UPM is able to offer a broad range of carbon credits in mandatory and voluntary markets. Altogether, these projects will not only save more than 25 million tCO2e but also generate multiple co-benefits that substantially improve the lives of millions of people.

UPM’s flagship project, the GS CDM Sichuan
Poor-Rural Household Biogas Development Programme of Activities (PoA), is one of the largest and most effective worldwide with almost 400,000 participating low-income farmer households and annual GHG emission reductions of nearly 900,000 tCO2e. The project is very much appreciated among CSR practitioners for its significant GHG savings and for contributing to the achievement of 14 out of 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).


Evaluation and Research
Project Development
Project Monitoring
Emissions Marketing & Trading

In November 2013, our Gold Standard Majority Portfolio Pledge was officially recognised by the Gold Standard Foundation, our promise to stock more than 50% of our carbon credit portfolio with Gold Standard certified carbon credits. The Pledge illustrates our commitment to develop the highest quality offset projects, and to provide our clients with rigorous carbon calculations, industry-leading transparency and the highest-quality clean energy and carbon credits.