UPM’s core business is to develop emission reduction projects in order to generate tradeable carbon credits for compliance and voluntary carbon markets.

UPM is characterized by

  • more than 20 years of experience and a proven track record as a developer, consultant, and finance provider of numerous CDM projects with significant green house gas emission reductions
  • a large diversified carbon portfolio with an expected carbon credit issuance volume of up to 25 million CERs
  • an outstanding network including important players in business, politics, and science in the most relevant procurement and sales markets for carbon credits
  • particularly active business relations, as well as reliable local cooperation partners in China and Pakistan
  • stable company ownership and responsible management with sustainable value creation approach, as well as high entrepreneurial flexibility
  • a skillful and highly motivated team of professionals in Germany and China with extraordinary technical and methodological CDM know-how as well as in-depth understanding of emissions trading and carbon markets
  • a large number of successful project cooperations and innovative technology partnerships with leading energy and industry companies and
  • long-term funding of UPM‘s business activities by powerful and respected key-investors strongly committed to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

UPM is always open for new ideas, cooperation partners, technologies, methodologies, and business strategies for climate protection and carbon markets.