Successful climate protection projects and emissions trading transactions require best contacts to all relevant actors in the world’s most important procurement and sales markets for carbon credits.

UPM relies on unrivalled insight into energy and environmental markets and an impressive network of carefully developed relations to leading representatives of the following market participants:

  • International and national climate policy institutions
  • Regulatory authorities for market-based mechanisms and carbon markets
  • Interest groups, industry associations and standards for climate protection and emissions trading
  • Validators and verifyers of emission reduction projects or programs
  • Project developers and carbon asset managers
  • Buyers and users of carbon credits
  • Intermediary traders and aggregators (offsetting providers) of carbon credits
  • Brokers, trade exchanges and registries for emissions trading
  • Public and private investors
  • Technology providers in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Strategy consultants and law firms with climate change practice
  • Carbon market research and information providers
  • Scientific experts on climate change and environmental policy and economics
  • Foundations with climate protection commitment
  • Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
  • Climate change conferences and trade fairs, etc.

These valuable contacts provide us with the necessary expert know-how and funding to implement truly sustainable climate solutions and enable us, even in a turbulent market environment, to adapt in time to any important new developments and take advantage of emerging business trends.